Wednesday, April 16, 2014

File This One Under "First World Problems"

I don't do facials. I don't get massages. Heck, I've had maybe three manicures in my entire life. My one regular beauty indulgence? Highlights, baby.

At least four times per year since the age of 14, I've happily settled into my current stylists' chair for a couple delicious hours of gabbing, relaxation and, of course, hair maintenance. I've never had a single bad coloring experience so, like jury duty, it was only a matter of time before my number was up...

I've been getting my hair done at a particular area salon for the last seven years. In those seven years I've had three wonderful stylists who've taken my hair to various lengths and colors. A couple weeks ago I called up to the salon to book an appointment and was bummed to learn that my current stylist would be out for the rest of the month. Knowing what the root situation would be like if I waited for her to return, I asked the receptionist to recommend a sub. I took her recommendation, made an appointment for a cut and "partial weave" (that means "highlights on the top half of your head"), and didn't think another thing about it.

Last Saturday I sat down into the new girl's chair and made small talk while she started on my hair. Initially I was so wrapped up in the "getting to know you" pleasantries that I wasn't really paying much attention to what she was doing. A few minutes into the appointment, however, I started noticing that her technique seemed to be...well, let's say "different" from what I was used to. The foils seemed to be pretty sparse (like, the whole back of my head was left untouched), and rather than "weaving" the color onto a select few strands, she seemed to be painting it onto whole swatches. Hmmm...

Okay before I continue, please let me state for the record that I have absolutely no beauty school training whatsoever. It took me years to perfect the art of evening-up my husband's sideburns with an electric razor, so really--I have zero technical knowledge of how to "do hair."


If it has always taken at least 45 minutes (but usually an hour or more) to do a partial weave on my hair, and the new girl announces she's done in 27 minutes...there's a problem.

If it has always taken at least 15 minutes (but usually 20 minutes or more) under the dryer before my color is ready to be rinsed out, and the new girl has me hop on over to the sink in 13 minutes...there's a problem.

And if, after 14 years of getting my hair highlighted and never uttering a single complaint about the finished product to any of my stylists, I take one look in the mirror and burst into tears...there's a big freaking problem.

After a somewhat tense conversation with the manager (my blubbering wasn't helping matters, but whatcha gonna do?), I had her book a corrective appointment at another salon and went home to calm down, wash my face, and take pictures of my sad estate and send them to my mom because obviously that's what us girls do.

Hey look! "Fresh color" that magically looks brassy and already shows two months' worth of root growth! Neato!

Ooooo, this part's my favorite! That "super-obvious, colored at home, pull-through cap" look was so what I was going for. And hey look, more roots!

Ah, the pièce de résistance: a nice, rooty blond sideburn right on the side of my head. That'll look awesome every time I wear my hair up! (Bonus points for the super-dramatic tear-stained cheeks.)

Chunky, streaky, rooty gorgeousness right there, y'all!

Okay okay, enough with the dramatics :) And again, we're totally hashtaggin' this one as "firstworldproblems." But still... for a sleep-deprived mom who rarely indulges in anything beauty-related and (the kicker) actually had a date planned with her husband that night, it was pretty upsetting.

In a grand streak of luck, however, the stylist who ended up being in charge of the corrective appointment turned out to be an absolute genius at hair color. After slowly, painstakingly going through every inch of my hair and weaving in subtle color (mostly lowlights, actually--there was already enough bleach on my head to kill a small horse), my *new* favorite stylist managed to send me home 2.5 hours later with gorgeous, natural-looking color and a smile on my face.

The End.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Five Things Friday

1.  This little girl is exactly my daughter. 50% whimsy, 50% bossy, 100% FOUR. (Note: If you're having trouble viewing this video on a mobile device, please do yourself a favor and take a listen the next time you're on a desktop. It's precious!)

2.  Bought myself the cutest purse at Kohl's the other day! The shape is perfect and the colors are just right for spring/summer :) Love!

Croft and Barrow Breakaway Striped Hobo, available here.
Image courtesy of

3.  I think I've mentioned before that Boo Bear has been a bit slow to take off in the vocabulary department. However, we had a verbal explosion in March! We're up to about 20-25 words; here's a fairly complete list before I forget...
  • Dah-dah/dah-dee (Dada/Daddy)
  • Mah-mah (Mama)
  • [______] (Little Foot's name)
  • Hi-DEHr! (hi there!)
  • Bah ("bye" said with a Southern accent and while waving--so cute!)
  • UH-oh (uh-oh, his favorite word)
  • Mmmmmmah! (when he's giving kisses, my favorite word)
  • Thah-yeh (thank you)
  • Bah-bah (bottle/sippy cup)
  • Buh-buh (bubble)
  • Buh (book)
  • Bah (ball)
  • AH-duh ("all done," when he's finished with a meal)
  • Nah-nah (banana)
  • BIGH-buh (Bible)
  • Boo (blue, his first color to recognize and point out in a book!)
  • Luh (light)
  • Poo-poo ( know lol)
  • Bah-pah ("backpack," his word for Dora the Explorer)
  • Mah ("map," another Dora word)
  • Pah, pah, pah...Bah-DAH! ("Pat, pat, pat...Blast off!" from Little Einsteins)
  • Ruh-ruh ("ruff ruff," for dog)
4.  Stumbled across this article a couple days ago. It's interesting to read that my decision to lay off the distance running (for now) may actually be better for my health than continuing! One month removed from finishing my first half-marathon, I can definitely attest to the fact that my exercise-related aches and pains have significantly diminished (as have my use of OTC pain meds). Another win for moderation! (Note: I am not hating on my sweet friends who enjoy distance running. It's more like, hooray maybe I don't have to feel *so* guilty for laying off the hard runs lately lol.)

5. And finally, for my not-so baby brother who is 20 years old today, here's a list of movies that are also celebrating the big 2-0 this year. (Fun fact: Every single good movie was made in 1994.) Happy birthday, bruh!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Peek Inside My Closet

Recently a couple of my favorite bloggers have done tours of their closets. Thought I'd hop on board and show y'all mine! Here's my (well, my half of our) closet.

My husband and I share one fairly large walk-in closet. We split it right down the middle; my junk takes up the left side, his takes up the right. This is one of the few areas of our home that is neat and tidy 24/7. I have no idea why, but I'm thankful lol.

Starting closest to the closet door, my shorter-sleeved/warmer weather/lighter weight tops are on the top rack.

You'll notice that each section is arranged by color. It's one of those OCD things I've done since high school; it really does make finding clothes much easier!

Below my short-sleeve tops are my dress pants (left) and skirts (right).

A.k.a, Little Foot's favorite hiding spot.

This narrow shelf serves as a divider between my warmer and cooler clothing.

At the top is a bin of miscellaneous keepsakes (diploma, wedding binder, etc). Next are my sweatshirts and (for some unknown reason) a few empty shoe boxes. Then we have a shelf devoted entirely to scarves, followed by a bin of belts and gloves. On the bottom shelf are my flats, which I've previously described in crazy detail here.

Okay, moving on to the area furthest from the closet door. On one side we have all my longer-sleeved/cooler weather/heavier weight tops; on the other side are dresses and a couple heavier coats.

You can also see my non-preserved wedding dress hanging in the same pink plastic bag I took it home in nearly--yikes!--seven years ago!

The bottom-left corner of our closet is devoted to my shoes. Again they're organized roughly by season (warmer on the left, cooler on the right) and color.

Oh, and the very top of the closet? Let's see, to the left you've got an assortment of Veras (my favorite carry-on, a duffle I've had since college, and this amazing tote I received after completing the half-mary).

Every other square inch of the top shelf is devoted to all the clothes I've outgrown (well, "ingrown") over the last year. I really should probably get around to selling or donating them one of these days, but for now they sit.

That's it, guys! Hope you enjoyed the tour :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Weekend

Boo Bear is on the tail-end of a pretty gnarly cold. Stuffy noses often lead to sleep issues with this little guy, so consequently my weekend consisted of a lot of this...

Mixed with a good bit of this...

Followed by a dash of this.

If, say, this were last summer and we were still in the throes of sleep training, I admit that I *might* have slightly resented being confined to the rocking chair for an extra hour or two. However, as my sweet boy turns two(!) this summer and hasn't needed me to rock him to sleep in months, I really didn't mind the extra cuddle time. Kind of loved it, actually :)

During a break in the sickies we ran over to mom and dad's to help celebrate the birthdays of every single person in my family...except, you know, me. While my birthday is wayyy out in August, the birthdays of both of my parents and both of my siblings all fall within a nine-day span in late-March/early-April. (Growing up it was commonly referred to as the "Week of Cake.")

Happy __th, 25th, __th and 20th to my wonderful family! Love y'all!!
(And thanks for sharing those Muddy's cupcakes!)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Calvary Waffle Shop

A couple days ago my (beautiful! awesome! amazing! kind! did I mention beautiful?) sister texted me out of the blue and said that she wanted to watch the kids one morning this week, and I would I mind getting lost for a couple hours and you don't have to tell me twice I'm grabbing my coat and heading out the door!

I chose yesterday (Tuesday) morning because "Frozen" was being released on DVD/Blu-ray that day and I knew that the kids would have a ball watching it with their favorite aunt :) After procuring said movie, getting the kids settled with Katie and hopping in my car, I headed downtown toward the historic corner of Second Street and Adams Avenue. Welcome to the beautiful Calvary Episcopal Church!

Founded in 1832, Calvary is considered the "mother parish" of the Episcopal Church in Memphis and Shelby County. The current building was consecrated in 1844(!) and is positively brimming with history. Let's peek inside!

Loved this hallway just off the sanctuary entrance.

Truly one of the most awe-inspiring worship spaces I've ever visited. Gave me goose bumps!

One of the older traditions associated with this lovely church is its annual Lenten preaching series and (more to today's point) Waffle Shop. Every Lenten season since 1928, the sweet people of Calvary open their kitchen to bring delicious, time-honored dishes to the people of downtown Memphis. I couldn't wait to try some!

After being seated by one of the nicest ladies I've ever met, I proceeded to fill out my order card.

I went with "Waffles & Chicken Hash," as well as the Tuesday dessert special (Tennessee bourbon pie) and a Diet Coke.

Not a moment later, my order was at the table. First up: waffles and chicken hash!

I had to try the hash first. I mean really, what was that stuff?? I was pretty sure that it was meant to be poured directly onto the waffle, but alas I was a scaredy-cat and ate the two components separately. So here's the scoop on the hash: it's awesome. A blend of shredded chicken and a rich, savory gravy, it features almost the exact same spices as my mom's cornbread dressing. So had I just dumped the hash onto the waffle like I was 'sposed to, I would've been treated to Thanksgiving in March. (Get it, waffle instead of cornbread? Meat/gravy/dressing reimagined? Brilliant.)

Oh, and the waffle itself? Hands-down the best I've ever had. Soft and pillowy inside, yet pleasantly crunchy inside, it was beyond scrumptious. Fabulous with syrup or (if your smarter than me) doused in chicken hash.

The sweet ending to my wonderful lunch? Tennessee bourbon pie!


This pie was just... I can't even put into words how delicious it was. The first bite tasted exactly like a warm chocolate chip cookie. Then you noticed all those crunchy pecans, followed by the slightest hint of bourbon at the end. Truly, honesty, one of the very best slices of pie I've ever enjoyed.

Before I sign off, I'd be remiss if I didn't stop and compliment the wonderful volunteers who made this delicious meal happen. Each and every person I encountered at Calvary--be they a cook, a host or a server--had a smile on their face, was gracious and welcoming, and went out of their way to make me feel at home. Some of the sweetest fellowship I've ever enjoyed!

Calvary Waffle Shop (located inside Calvary Episcopal Church) is open weekdays from 11:00AM-1:30PM during Lent (so, through April 11, 2014). In addition to providing sit-down meals in the dining hall and traditional take-out orders, they also offer "Lunches To Go" which may be picked up in the Great Hall at the conclusion of the 12:05 service. They also offer "Waffle Shop After Dark" on Wednesdays from 5:15-6:15PM. Click here for more information.

Bottom line: Would I eat there again? Oh, I have every intention of making this an annual tradition :)

Calvary Waffle Shop
102 N. Second St.
Memphis, TN 38103