Friday, August 15, 2014

City Hall Cheesecake

Congratulations to the Town of Collierville for winning Parade Magazine's America's Best Main Street (2014) contest! If you haven't yet had a chance to peruse Main Street, please do yourself a favor and stop by soon.
A month or two ago Wade and I enjoyed a wonderful date night. While our dinner choice was a staple (sushi for me, hibachi for him at Osaka), our dessert choice was a bit out of the ordinary. Welcome one and all to City Hall Cheesecake!

Located on the east side of Collierville's Historic Town Square, this charming dessert spot boasts rustic brick walls, original floors/ceilings, and about the best dang cheesecake this side of Kirby.

We walked up to the counter, which was staffed by two of the nicest young ladies I've ever met. My husband and I were obvious newbies, but they were very helpful and happily brought out not one but two cheesecakes from the fridge so we could see what they looked like in person.

After ordering said cheesecake and settling into our seats, Wade and I flirted with each other while the young ladies got our slices plated up :) First up: Wade's selection of turtle cheesecake.

Oh my goodness y'all. This was a killer slice of cheesecake. While a bit heavier and not quite as decadently-smooth as Cheesecake Corner, it was still soooo yummy.

My selection, key lime, wasn't *quite* as amazing as Wade's. While the taste was good and the plating beautiful, it was a bit heavy for my liking. I also found myself a bit remorseful for using so many PointsPoints toward the "key lime" taste which, I feel, is better in its traditional pie form. I barely finished half.

Overall, City Hall Cheesecake is a quality dessert spot deserving of a place on the Square. While I might *slightly* knock them on the fact that they use plastic cutlery instead of silverware, their prices are great and they're open quite late (8:00 or 9:00) compared to other establishments on the Square (usually 6:00 at the latest).

Bottom line: Would I eat there again? Happily :)

City Hall Cheesecake
114 N Main
Collierville, TN 38017

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Two Two Train Party

Phew! Okay so, the only thing crazier than moving with two little ones? Moving with two little ones, plus trying to completely unpack the new house in time to host your son's birthday party nine days later. (Oh yeah, my own 29th birthday was thrown in there somewhere too--ha!) Suffice it to say it was a very busy week, but we survived and pulled off a fun family dinner to celebrate Boo Bear's second birthday :)
I went really easy on the décor. The main thing I'm excited to show off is the fact that these photos actually include our own furniture lol!
Great room. With furniture. w00t.

Coffee table tricked out with these hats and this wooden stacking train.

A dozen balloons in the entry, 'cause kids.

Balloons on the mail box, 'cause new house.

Hooray for cheap party décor! Picked up this banner at Party City.

P.S. Check out the blowouts in my favorite new green bowl from Home Goods!

Boo Bear is all about some Mexican food lately, so I set up a simple taco bar with beef/lettuce/cheese tacos for the young ones and these amazing carnitas for the adults. A big hit all around!

Plus the festive theme gave me an excuse to bust out cute plates and napkins :)

I think we're ready for a party, y'all!

Gratuitous party pics :)
What I wore: Express The Convertible Sleeve Portofino Shirt (green color currently unavailable online), Mossimo Women's Ponte Pant - Black (available here) and BCBG Paris Magie Bronze Flat in "Bronze" (available here).

Confession: Boo Bear doesn't give a flip about Thomas the Train (he's just into "trains" in general). But, Thomas was the only train-themed cake offered at Kroger so Thomas is what we got! lol

After dinner we commenced with opening presents...

Followed by the single most hilarious moment of the evening--the singing of "Happy Birthday" and subsequent family dog pile.

Now, I'm still not sure if Boo Bear tackled Dada or if Dada was simply trying to avoid burning Boo Bear's fingers on the lit candle...

But the fact of the matter is that Wade and the cake both went down. Hard.

Wade managed to save the cake, 'til Boo Bear (seeing the cake at eye-level) first went for the flaming candle...

Followed by the Thomas the Train decoration.

At this point I'm like, "Screw it, I'm blowing this candle out before the house gets set on fire."

And Boo Bear's like, "Um, I already ate all the frosting off this dang train GET ME A REAL SLICE OF CAKE OLD MAN!"

Such is the life of a house full of preschoolers :) No worries, though. The important thing is that thanks to my fabulous carnitas, my brother now thinks I'm a boss chef.

Really, that's all that matters.

(My new kitchen rocks, y'all.)

(So do my parents.)

(The End.)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Boo Bear!

Oh my goodness little man, are you really two years old? Time flies!
You are such a little stinker (or, as your big sister says, "stinkawr"). I mean a charming, cheezing, run-amok-ing, alligator-death-roll-ing little stinkawr.

"Oh what's that mom? You needed me to stand still so you could photograph my Halloween outfit?" (October 2013).

"Nope, sorry!" (October 2013).

"Oh, and again for my first haircut?" (November 2013).
"Nope, sorry!" (November 2013).
One thing's for sure, you are into everything and you will eat anything. While your sister is the queen of bland consistency (e.g. toast or waffles every day for breakfast, peanut butter and honey sandwiches every day for lunch), the only time you'll actually reject food is if A.) it's too plain or B.) I've made it recently. You love pizza, chips with lots of salsa, pollo linguine, and especially any and every kind of fruit (you'd live on grapes if I let you). There's pretty much nothing you won't try at least once.

Pilfering. (December 2013)

This year you've gone from needing to be rocked to sleep every night--and even then crying out multiple times per night--to being a champion sleeper. We're talking down at 8:30, up at 7:30, zero cryouts. Oh but don't get me wrong, you love the occasional late night out (see: WaterColor, Independence Day). And praise the Lord we can finally take you on car trips longer than 10 minutes without you conking out on us! Thank you, thank you Boo Bear for giving us the gift of a sound night's sleep.

Transitioning from two to one naps. My, that was fun. (September 2013)

At around 18 months I started getting a little concerned about your speech (or lack thereof). Well, I am so pleased to report that your vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds this summer! While you're not exactly stringing together multi-word sentence like your sister was at this age, you have a very solid vocabulary of about 100 words and are quite effective at getting your point across one way or another ;)

One of my fav things you do: use "Amen" and "all done" interchangeably. Hilarious.

You're not great with colors (the answer to "What color is ____?" will undoubtedly be "RED!"). You don't know your numbers (except "TWO!"--that one you're very good at lol). And you do not give a flying flip about the A-B-Cs. But you've developed a love for books in the last six months which has dramatically improved your vocabulary and overall interest in learning. I suspect you'll catch up on the other stuff soon, especially since you're about to start PreK-2 and oh look at that I'm crying.

(You still take one bottle every morning. Don't worry, I won't tell!)

Helping with the trash on Christmas morning. (December 2013)

You love your big sister. She loves you. You're like an old married couple--squabbling on occasion, sometimes needing to go to your neutral corners, but never failing in your love for each other. She's the first person you want to bear-tackle and smother with kisses every morning, and the last person to whom you want to give a soaking-wet hug after bath time every night. I love how you love each other!

Zoo days. (March 2013)

Zoo days. (March 2013)

Height: 35" (60th percentile)
Weight: 32 lbs, 0 oz. (80th percentile)
Head circ.: 51 cm (95th percentile)
Teeth Count: 17 (three to go!)

This past June you took your very first vacation to WaterColor in SoWal, FL. Boo Bear, you rocked the beach so hard. You dive-bombed into the waves, played in the sand, took epic three-hour post-beach naps, and were such a trooper on the eight/nine-hour car rides there and back. I'm so glad you're finally old enough to do a bit of travelling and can't wait to take you on more fun adventures!

WaterColor, Florida. (June 2014)

WaterColor, Florida. (June 2014)

WaterColor, Florida. (June 2014)

You are kind, you are polite [saying "ah mah" (yes ma'am) and "ah pea" (yes please) automatically]. You are rambunctious, you are tough. You are emotional, you are cuddly. You are my Boo Bear, and I wouldn't trade you for any other little stinkawr in this whole wide world. Happy birthday, my son!!

WaterColor, Florida. (June 2014)