Tuesday, July 1, 2014

WaterColor, Florida: Local Eats

We actually didn't go out to eat all that often during our stay in WaterColor. Most nights some fresh steamed shrimp from Publix, a handful of strawberries and a bit of French bread was more than enough to satisfy us. Still, it wouldn't be vacation if we did all the cooking, right? ;)
Thursday before we headed back home, my parents and sister graciously offered to watch the kids so that Wade and I could enjoy an evening alone. What a blessing!

I loved Bud & Alley's when I went with mom and Katie in February, so I couldn't wait to take my sweetheart! It was early in the evening when we arrived so we had our choice of tables. Obviously we went for the one with the best view!

Excited to get his hands on some fresh seafood.

Ditto ;)

I mean, seriously? Gorgeous!

Neither of us were majorly hungry so we just split a couple appetizers. My choice: smoked tuna dip. (Verdict: Fabulous in February, even fabulous-er in June!)

His choice: 1/2 lb. peel and eat gulf shrimp (Verdict: I need to move back to FL! lol)

Such a fun date night :) For the majority of our stay, whenever we wanted to grab a bite but didn't feel like getting all dressed up, we just toddled toward WaterColor's BeachClub Grille for some of their fabulously fresh, casual offerings.

They're open daily from 11:00AM-5:00PM. Everything on the menu rawks.

One afternoon I enjoyed their "Florida Chili Lime Salad" with romaine, roasted corn, black beans, queso fresco, tomato, onion, tortilla chips and avocado-lime vinaigrette, plus I added shrimp ceviche. A killer Tex-Mex inspired salad!

My favorite by far though had to be their "Fish Tacos." These things were off the chain; best fish tacos I've ever had, anywhere. Made with fried fish (I recommend blackened), corn tortillas, shredded cabbage, house made salsa and lime.
The night before heading home we biked into Seaside for some soft serve. I've mentioned before that Little Foot isn't generally a fan of ice cream, but even she couldn't resist a towering cone of bubblegum-flavored goodness with rainbow sprinkles from Dawson's! The perfect end to the perfect vacation :)
The BeachClub Grille
24 Golden Rod Cir
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

The BeachClub Grille on Urbanspoon

Dawson's Yogurt
121 Central Sq
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Dawson's Yogurt of Seaside on Urbanspoon

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