Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Riverwalkin' In Memphis

I think it was last February or March when my husband first floated the idea of taking the kids to the Mud Island Riverwalk.

I think my response was something along the lines of, "The who in the what now?"

(Translation: I'd spent my adolescent years in non-Memphis locations and had heard of the Riverwalk approximately never. He's a lifelong Memphian who'd been a million times as a kid, so he was pretty amped about taking the kids ASAP.)

To the uninitiated, the Riverwalk is a concrete, walkable/wadable exact scale model of all 954 miles of the Lower Mississippi River. Thirty inches of Riverwalk equals one mile of Mississippi, meaning you can walk from "Cairo, Illinois" to the "Gulf of Mexico" in about five city blocks.

Oh, and to get there you get to ride the monorail like Tom Cruise did in The Firm :)

"The Wheel" (i.e. the thing that moves the cables that makes the monorail go). Wade was excited to see this thing lol.

Passing the other monorail cabin.

Gorgeous views of The Pyramid, the Mississippi and downtown.

Here we are: Mud Island, baby!

Stingray shoes on, time to explore :)

Make-up melting, hair frizzing, still love this man to the moon and back ;)

After our afternoon on the Riverwalk, we dried the kids off and drove over to South Main. Welcome to one of my very favorite Memphis restaurants--the Majestic Grille!

We hadn't been since the Elton John concert last year, which is too long y'all.

Okay, so, the Majestic is super-cool for about a million reasons.
Reason #1: It's located inside a 101-year-old space that was originally a silent movie theatre. Black and white movies still flicker on a huge screen at the back of the restaurant, casting a glamorous Old Hollywood glow inside the space.

Reason #2: Dress-code-wise, it occupies that perfect intersection between dressy and casual. It is just as common--and acceptable--to see patrons dressed in jeans and T-shirts during Sunday brunch, as it is to see them in business attire during a Tuesday afternoon power lunch, as it is to see them in three-piece suits and cocktail dresses at a pre-theatre meal before a show at The Orpheum.

My point: Ladies, that whole "OMG what should I wear?" inner monologue thing that we do while getting ready to go out? You can pretty much skip it if you're eating here.

Reasons #3-1,000,000: The food is totes amazeballs. Particularly the little gem described at the very bottom of the menu that I eat 90% of the time I'm here.

I had trouble determining online if Majestic offers a kids' menu (they don't specify on their site), but yes they do and here it is for anyone who's interested:

Right after you place your order, they bring out these ballin' cubes of warm herb bread (with butter). Wade, the kids and I devoured the lot.

Then I devoured this:

Oh yeah, that'd be the "Our Famous Grilled Cheese" (with aged cheddar, bacon, tomato and Creole mustard on artisan bread). A killer sandwich--served with their tasty Parmesan fries--that's definitely worthy of a close-up.

Here's that close-up for ya.
Bottom line: Would I eat there again? Heck to the yes. Absolutely no better spot to get your grub on before a show at The Orpheum. None
Majestic Grille
145 S Main St
Memphis, TN 38103

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