Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gulf Place Day 4: Seaside Half Marathon!

Well guys, I did it! I officially completed my first half-marathon, and I crossed the finish line before my goal of 2:20:00 :) What a feeling!!

After waking up at 5:00, enjoying breakfast and slathering on sunscreen, we piled into the car and headed toward Seaside. The sun was just waking up and hadn't yet burned off the fog from the previous night, so it was a tad chilly. It was sunny and gorgeous by race time, though!

Almost time to get into our corral!

Ten minutes before race time, we ended up running into our cousins Mary and Brad who were also running. I was quiet on the the outside but vibrating with excitement on the inside :)

The gun went off at 7:00AM. For the first 4-5 miles, I was in cruise control. Not breathing hard, no muscle fatigue. I was running ahead of my usual pace, feeling great! Even though I was sailing on adrenaline, I still slowed to a walk at the turnaround point (about 6.5 miles in) to eat a GU and chug some water.

I started feeling some soreness in my hips at about halfway through Mile 8, so much so that I slowed to a walk at the Mile 9 marker just to catch my breath and "center." I ran until I hit a small hill at Mile 11, at which point I took a third and final walking break. (All three lasted maybe 2-3 minutes a piece.)

I ran the last couple miles, but I was pretty spent. The worst part actually was when I could (finally) see the finish line; it was so close it made me want to walk to it instead of run (I have no idea why). Thankfully Mary and her sister Jenny (Brad's wife) were there at the finish with their precious kiddos to cheer me on. (That was so incredibly inspiring, y'all--thank you for that!)

I crossed the finish line and died. Then I came back to life, grabbed my finisher's prizes (a sweet medal and a super-cute Vera Bradley tote), then grabbed a water and sat down on the grass for a spell. After I finally peeled myself off the ground, I ended up running into Mary and Jenny again :) Picture time!

Mary had an amazing finishing time, BTW. Totally inspirational!

All that was left to do after that was grab a virgin daiquiri from The Shrimp Shack, pull up a bench and wait for mom and Katie to cross the finish line.

Best frozen drink of my entire life.

Here they come!!

Way to go ladies!

None of us were really feeling the complimentary BBQ, so we headed on over to Another Broken Egg Cafe for something carby/brunchy.

Pancakes and bacon, coming up!

The pancakes were as big as my face and incredibly delicious. The bacon was amazing, too. Perfect post-race food!

After a fabulous post-race shower I popped some Aleve, crawled into bed and didn't regain consciousness until 2:45. Right now I'm snuggled up on our comfy white couch, watching the E! Academy Awards Red Carpet Pre-Show, and do not plan to move from this posture for the rest of the evening. Race is on the books, y'all--we did it!

Another Broken Egg Cafe
51 Grayton Uptown Circle
Grayton Beach, FL 32459

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