Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gulf Place Day 3: Beach & Race Expo

Finally some beach pictures!

This morning while eating my oatmeal and toast and, I don't know, contemplating life's greater mysteries and such, I decided that I simply couldn't take it in more. My tootsies needed to get in the sand, and they needed to get in the sand now.

By 9:30AM, I'd solved my problem.

And let me tell you, save for a quick walk back toward our villa to lay on the warm grass instead of the cool sand (where we ran into a group of youngin's admiring a conch nest)...

I didn't move from my spot until after 12:30.

(And with temps like this, really; why would I?)

Around lunchtime we toddled across the street to rustle up some grub.

We settled on La Playa, a casual salad/sandwich spot with a Caribbean bent.

I went with the Jamaican Jerk Chicken sandwich with a side of red beans and rice; Mom and Katie both got club sandwiches with sweet potato fries.

My entree was very good...

...but Mom and Katie's were better. Just sayin', I may have stolen a fry...or twelve :)

Afterward we headed back to Seaside (three times in three days, what??) to pick up our race packets and browse the Expo.

The race benefits the Seaside Neighborhood School.

So charming on the inside!

The students were handing out goodie bags to race participants. It blows my mind that people actually live, work and go to school in a town like Seaside! Totally dreamy :)

No turning back now!! ;)

On our way back to our car we happened upon "Pitter Patter," a Seaside cottage where our family vacationed 20-25 years ago. (I was about five and Katie was two.)

The current owners were inside (they're just finishing remodeling) and insisted we come inside and take a tour. So many memories came flooding back!

You know those random, disjointed flashbacks--words, images, etc.--that we all have from early childhood, those lifelong signposts that reappear occasionally in dreams? These stairs are one of those for me.

We headed back to the house to shower and freshen up for dinner. Of course, pictures on the beach were a must :)

Finally we loaded into the car and headed toward the famous Pompano Joe's.

Maybe the best picture I've ever taken. (Not.)

There was no wait, which I'm told is unheard of. Hooray for the off-season!

I've trained, I've visualized, I've prepared every way there possibly is to prepare for this race. There's only one thing left to do--carb load, baby! I got the "Shrimp and Scallop Linguine," which was fabulous. The shellfish are sauteed in garlic, olive oil and basil, then tossed with linguine and marinara and topped with cheese. Scallops were hands-down among the best I've ever had!

I couldn't quite finish it all, but I gave it a valiant effort :)

Back at the house, all that was left to do was go over the course map...

Lay out my clothes...

And wait for 5:00AM to roll around. This is it, people--time for my very first half-marathon!

Pompano Joe's
2237 Scenic Gulf Dr
Destin, FL 32550

Pompano Joe's on Urbanspoon

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