Friday, February 28, 2014

Gulf Place Day 2: Two Sha(c)ks & A Bar

So this was the spectacular view that greeted me when I awoke this (Friday) morning.

I mean, really?

Is this really real life?

It was 7:00AM and 43 degrees--perfect conditions for my very LAST training run!

My starting point.

My turnaround point.

After Mom and Katie awoke, we all enjoyed breakfast together; afterward they went for a walk while I chatted with my sweet hubby and enjoyed a little quiet computer time :) 

Later that morning we set out to do a little shopping. I scored some fabulous Vigoss jeans from SAKS Off 5th and some solid "mom shorts" from LOFT :) Katie walked away with the score of the day--a gorgeous dress from Kiki Risa. Stunning!!

Around 2:00-ish we realized we were starving, so we hightailed it back to the Seaside area for lunch. Welcome to The Shrimp Shack, y'all!

(That's it with the striped blue awning.)

It's always a good sign when the entire restaurant smells like butter, ya know?

We all ordered the same thing--the "Florida Lobster Roll," pure lump crab meat served on a toasted bun with (what else?) drawn butter on the side.

There was abundant seating outside, but it was still pretty breezy so we opted for the indoor/outdoor patio area instead.

You definitely couldn't beat that view!

After a quick beachside photo shoot...

It was lobster roll time!

Do you see that, y'all?? You're looking at seven ounces of pure, freshly-steamed lobster. I love how they just let the lobster speak for itself--no mayo, no nothing to dress it up. Just the meat, a good roll, plus a little extra butter and lemon for spritzing. Totally reminded me of the lobster knuckle sandwich from Restaurant Iris.

We kept our lunches on the small side so that we could do a little guilt-free snacking while we finished browsing :) Keeping with the "Seaside" theme, Mom and Katie strolled up to The MeltDown on 30A, one of the retro food trucks that line the section of 30A immediately behind the Seaside Amphitheater.

Deciding what to get (they went with the "Classic American Grilled Cheese").

Cute Seaside Post Office right next to the truck.


I make grilled cheese for one kid or another pretty much every day of my life, so I wasn't really feeling the grilled cheese on this particular afternoon. Nah, I was feeling a little more... Rosemary Beach-ish.

A little more... Sugar Shak-ish, actually :)

This place is normally packed with vacationers (all on sugar highs), but on this slow off-season Friday we were literally the only ones inside.

A kiddie cup of Edy's ice cream will run you less than $3.00. Dulce de leche for me, please!

Okay, I'm officially happy now!

After retreating back to our home away from home for naps and showers, we snapped a few pics of the setting sun...

Then set off for dinner at... The Red Bar!

We always have a blast when we come here. It's always loud and crowded, the music is always awesome, and (most importantly) the food always rocks.

After spending most of our wait chatting with some ladies who (of course) happened to be from Memphis, we were seated. The best part--ordering off of the big chalkboard menu!

Katie and I went for the same thing--the catch of the day (mahi mahi) served with mashed potatoes, the house salad and a warm roll. Time to carb load, people!

My beautiful mommy went for the shrimp and crawfish pasta. It was really good...

But between you and me, I think our entree was better :)

The house salad (featuring that rockin' vinegarette) was fab, the mahi mahi drizzled in a warm, buttery sauce was fab, the mashed potatoes and bread were fab...



'Scuse me.

And now, we have retreated back to our home away from home for the evening to watch movies. Tomorrow... Beach Day!!

The Shrimp Shack
2236 E. County Highway 30A
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Shrimp Shack on Urbanspoon

The Red Bar
70 Hotz ave
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

The Red Bar on Urbanspoon

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