Friday, February 28, 2014

Gulf Place Day 1: Arrival, Bud & Alley's

My happy place...

Day 1: We made it! After departing Memphis around 9:00AM, Mom, Katie and I pointed our car southward and headed toward the crystal clear waters of the Florida Gulf Coast :) We stopped off in Birmingham for some lunch at one of our favorite spots, Zoe's Kitchen. Fresh Mediterranean deliciousness at a fabulous price--don't mind if we do!

I had the Lean Turkey Pita with a side of fresh fruit. Eight PP's of awesome!

We continued South the rest of the afternoon and arrived at the Gulf just as the sun was setting. Absolutely breathtaking!

We're staying in Santa Rosa but MapQuest inadvertently led us more toward Seagrove. However, it was a happy accident because we were able to drive through Seaside and enjoy a fabulous dinner at Bud & Alley's!

It's always packed during peak season, but on this particular late-February night we had our choice of tables and scored one with a killer view :)

Of course, picture-taking was a must :) Hooray for sister time!

Everything on their menu looked fantastic! We'd enjoyed a few snacks in the car, so rather than each get our own entree we opted to share the "House Made Tuna Dip" and the "Bud & Alley's Crab Cakes."

First up: the dip. A delicious blend of smoked tuna and a mayonnaise-based sauce, served with water biscuits. My favorite!

Next we enjoyed the crab cakes. If you dig a crab cake that's 90% crab, this is the cake for you! The seasoning was a *little* mild for my liking, but the freshness of the crab itself more than made up for it :) Served with a simple garnish of greens and a lemon-butter sauce.

After a moonlit stroll spent peeking into the Seaside shops, we loaded back into our car and (finally) made it to our home for the weekend.

My room :)

Katie's room (which she was very glad to see lol).

Mom's sweet room...

...featuring an even sweeter bathroom.

Our fabulous kitchen...

...and our cozy den where we curled up to watch "Grey's" shortly before retiring for the evening.

It was pitch-black outside, but I have a feeling we're going to wake up to an awesome view. Stay tuned!

Bud and Alley's Restaurant
2236 East County Hwy 30A
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

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