Thursday, January 9, 2014


Last week I had the pleasure of dining at DeJavu, a "Creole soul food and vegetarian" restaurant located on South Main. (This second location only just opened last September; their original location on Florida Street opened in September '08.)

In addition to traditional New Orleans-style comfort foods (e.g. gumbo, jambalaya, crawfish etoufee), they also offer a fabulous vegetarian selection (it's the whole back side of their menu).

And, of course, you'll remember the amazing artwork :)

It was New Year's Day and the place was kind of deserted, but I couldn't have felt more at home. The friendly and attentive staff insisted I pull up a stool at the bar and watch the game with them. I also had an amazing heart-to-heart chat with one of the hostesses who happened to be a distance runner in her younger days. Every single person on the staff was so incredibly warm and personable.

In short order, my vegetable plate arrived. You're looking at (clockwise from top): sweet potato fries, steamed mixed vegetables, grilled cabbage, and red beans and rice (plus a centerpiece of cornbread).

Every bite was amazing, y'all. The cabbage (lightly oiled and grilled to give it an almost Asian flare) was gone in about five seconds. This was then quickly followed by the best sweet potato fries I've ever eaten (they were coated in a light tempura which gave them great texture). The veggies and red beans and rice were yummy, too.

After a reasonably healthy lunch, it was time for some sugar: bananas foster!

Frosted glass and everything, y'all. Brilliant.

The brown sugar sauce had a pleasantly grainy, homemade texture, and of course the flambéed bananas and vanilla ice cream put it over the edge. One of the best desserts I've ever enjoyed in Memphis--right up there with the bananas foster bread pudding I had at Flight.

Bottom line: Would I eat there again? Absolutely, without question, yes. I feel like this is one of those undiscovered gems, y'all. Please go there as quickly as possible!

DeJavu Restaurant
51 S. Main St.
Memphis, TN 38104

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  1. Another South Main treasure! Thanks for the highlight -- it's just down the trolley line from me so I'll have to try it at lunch soon :)

  2. Definitely! The entire menu looked fabulous, let me know what you get so I'll know what to try next!! :)