Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lunch At The Sanderlin Centre

On Saturday afternoon I headed down to the Sanderlin Centre to partake it what could possibly be the craziest combination of lunch items I've ever eaten. It all started at the vegan mecca that is Cosmic Coconut.

I've passed this place several times (you'll see why in a minute) but had just never ventured to go inside. The first thing I noticed upon entering was this huge painted chalkboard menu listing out all the juices, smoothies and breakfast/lunch items that they offer. As the price point suggests (that's $6.50 for a nine-ounce glass of juice, y'all), everything is 100% vegan and organic (or, in laymen's terms, expensive).

I died laughing when I noticed this display near the cash-wrap. It's that popcorn, y'all!

I placed my order and settled into literally one of the most comfortable chairs I've ever sat in. It was a good thing I was comfortable, too. While the first part of my order was out in moments, the second half (i.e. my food) was completely forgotten about by the hippies working behind the counter until I asked about the hold-up 30 minutes later. But that's neither here nor there.

Wheat grass, y'all. Wheat grass.

Watching the vegans work their magic.

L-O-V-I-N-G the antique furniture (which I'm sure was salvaged or repurposed or dumpster-dived or otherwise something-good-for-the-environment-ed).

So here we go, the first part of my crazy three-part lunch: "Go Green Detox" juice.

You're looking at cucumber, apple, celery, kale, lemon and ginger, all juiced up and ready for delicious, room-temperature consumption. Bottom's up!

Overall impression: It tastes...exactly like what it's made of. (Insightful, I know.) It's very green, "good for you"-tasting. You definitely get the grassy, watery cucumber right off the bat, followed by the spicy celery, lemon and ginger flavors which really help cut through the green-ness and brighten everything up. It took a few sips to get into (again, I hadn't really prepared myself for the whole "room temperature" thing), but I sure enough drank every drop. Well, maybe two-thirds.

Twenty-five minutes after placed my order, I finally followed up on my long-lost Hummus Plate (i.e. part two of lunch). I got a hippy-dippy "oh, yeah.." kind of response from one of the dudes by the counter, which was then followed by prompt delivery of the rest of my order and a very sincere apology from one of the young ladies working in the back. 'Cause girls rule, don'tcha know.

Yum. Rabbit food.

Maybe it's because I was completely starving at this point, but I've got to say that this was about the best dang hummus I've ever eaten. Not sure if it was exactly worth the half-hour wait, but it was definitely the perfect accompaniment to the ninety-bagillion servings of veggies I'd had at this point. I should probably find something to wash all this green stuff out of my mouth...

Oh hey there, Muddy's! I'd forgotten you were in the Sanderlin Centre, too. (Not.)

So I did something pretty crazy for part three of lunch, y'all. I did not--I repeat, did not--order a cupcake! Shocking, I know. Instead I ordered...a cookie.

Lindye's honey rosemary cookie (as featured in the Memphis Flyer), to be exact.

And it...was...

Amazing. Literally the first word that came to mind when I bit into it? "Bangarang" (I kid you not). The first bite was almost like eating a snickerdoodle (sweet + spice), then I got deeper into the unique awesomeness that was the honey-rosemary flavor. The raw honey was definitely the star of the whole deal. I swear it had to be local or organic or magical or something, 'cause I ain't never tasted honey that good in my whole life. And the rosemary wasn't weird at all--it was, in fact, perfect. This little nugget was total genius, y'all. A must-try if you consider yourself even somewhat of a Muddy's aficionado!

So now, sadly, I have something new to crave on the Muddy's menu. Dangit.

Bottom line: Would I eat it again? Juice? No (though I may return for one of their "Tropical Fusion" smoothies). Cookie? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

Cosmic Coconut
5101 Sanderlin #104b
Memphis, TN 38117

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