Friday, November 15, 2013

Germantown Commissary + Thank You

Last Saturday afternoon at around 3:45 my husband and I launched into our usual, "So, what do you wanna do for dinner...I don't know, what do you wanna do for dinner?" conversation. Most Saturdays we'll do something ultra-exciting like grill some chicken or maybe order in. But that evening, for whatever reason, I had the craziest idea.
"Hey, babe?"
"Yeah, babe?"
"Do you wanna, like, maybe go to a restaurant?"
"You mean pick up food?"
"No babe. I mean like actually go somewhere and sit down and eat."
"...You mean all of us??"
For those of you unfamiliar with the Twilight Zone that is months 0-12 of living with a newborn, this may seem like about the most insane conversation ever. Seasoned parents, however, are nodding their heads and smiling. Because whether you attempt it at six weeks or sixteen months, the first time you take your baby to a restaurant--out in public, no mother's room in sight--can be cause for a mild panic attack.
It's crazy to think that Boo Bear is 15 months old(!) and, up until last Saturday, had literally never stepped foot in an actual restaurant. I vividly remember taking Little Foot to her first restaurant when she was about three months old, and she did great. So why the wait with Boo Bear? Simple: I didn't have the stamina/desire the first few months of his life, then I started Weight Watchers and was adamant about cooking dinner at home every night. It was just one of those things that kind of fell by the wayside...'til last Saturday night, that is :)
And where, you ask, did we take him for his first foray into the world of dining out? Germantown Commissary, of course.

The atmosphere was exactly what we needed with our wild man: friendly, crowded, informal, and fast.

(Am I the only one who literally starts salivating the minute I see the gorgeous trays of fresh banana pudding in the front display window?)

We ordered an appetizer of cheese fries to keep the kids' appetites at bay 'til the rest of our food arrived. (Good, good decision.)

While they ate, I busily snapped about a thousand pics of the kids with my D90. This was, of course, a milestone worth documenting--baby's first restaurant, y'all! I put the camera away as soon as our food arrived. I went with the pulled pork BBQ plate, obvi.

Yum! Pulled pork smothered with the Commissary's famous BBQ sauce, plus a side of beans, coleslaw, a deviled egg and a dinner roll. Best barbeque in the city!

The perfect way to end our meal? Commissary's famous banana pudding!

Confession: I hate bananas. I mean absolutely, completely hate them. But I love me some Commissary banana pudding, y'all.

The kids did so fabulous at dinner. This whole "dining out" thing might actually become a more regular occurrance for our family! Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

Bottom line: Would I eat there again? Oh, most definitely :)

So hey guess what? Including the BBQ plate and the 'nanner pudding, we've officially knocked 21 things off our Things To Eat In Memphis lists! (That's 10%, y'all!) And hey--I really appreciate everyone who's visited my little blog in the last few months. Readership is up eight-fold since July, an accomplishment that would not have been possible without you. So again, thank you from the bottom of my little bloggin' heart!

Germantown Commissary
2290 S. Germantown Rd.
Germantown, TN 38138

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