Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Aldo's Pizza Pies

Last Saturday was one of those perfect fall days, so I journeyed down to South Main Street to enjoy the beautiful weather in all of its early-November glory. Forget Beale; this is the best pedestrian walkway in Memphis.

My destination: Aldo's Pizza Pies. It only just opened in August 2012 and faces stiff competition from several great nearby restaurants (e.g. The Majestic Grille, Local Gastropub). Just sayin', if you're only slinging pizza it better be dang good pizza.

For lunch I had one of their specialty pizzas: "The Other Side," made with poblano cream, fontina and trugole cheeses, grilled chicken, roasted tomato and spinach.

(I also ordered a slice of their "New York Cheesecake" to take back to my sweet hubby who was hanging out with the kiddos back at home.)

Aldo's definitely gets points for location! Fabulous people- and trolley-watching made my leetle bit longer of a wait time than I'd usually prefer seem much shorter :)

Five minutes before pizza time, my sweet hostess brought out this cute dish of red pepper flakes. I was really glad at this point that my toddler wasn't with me lol.

And here it is: "The Other Side" pizza!

First impression: fantastic crust, some of the best I've had. The poblano cream sauce was unexpectedly mild; you definitely got a bit of smokiness from the pepper but absolutely no heat. The chicken was fine, as were the tomatoes and spinach. All-in-all it was a fine slice of pizza made with quality ingredients, just a little bland for my preference. (I think my problem was I was really wanting the spinach to be basil. Perhaps I should've ordered the "Margherita" pizza instead?).

I'll also say there was a bit of sticker shock at the end of my meal. I mean, $30.15 (inc. tip) for a small pizza, an extremely small slice of cheesecake and a Diet Coke? Maybe we just order too much Pizza Hut :)

Anyway, 'nuff complaining--let's get this six-dollar sliver of dessert home to hubby (who, for what it's worth, gobbled up the remaining three-fourths of my pizza and declared it absolutely delicious).

One thing's for sure about Aldo's: be it pizza or cheesecake, they make a fabulous crust. The buttery, graham cracker-y base to our cheesecake was scrumptious, y'all. The cheesecake itself? Perfectly fine, if not exceptionally memorable. Put it this way: I enjoyed a couple bites but didn't fight my hubby as he politely devoured the rest. Just wasn't worth the calorie splurge :)

Bottom line: Would I eat there again? Probably not. It's fine for lunch, but there are better (and less expensive) places to grab a slice closer to where I live. And if I'm spending a nice evening downtown, I'm probably not doing dinner at a pizza joint.
Aldo's Pizza Pies
100 S. Main St. #101
Memphis, TN 38103
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