Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Two Grocery Stores + A Gas Station

A week or two ago I set out to pick up three "to-go" items from my Things To Eat In Memphis lists. The first item led me to the natural foods mecca that is Whole Foods Market on Poplar. Man I love this place.

I'm always in awe when I step through the doors. Everything's just so...vegan-y...and wholesome...and expensive.

Like this Intimidating Wall of Seeds and Grains. I wouldn't even know where to start.

Or this aisle of scary-looking supplements that I'm sure are totally good for you.

Where's the bee pollen?? I need my bee pollen!!

Likin' the lovely meat and cheese section, no doubt.

Oh, but the baked goods...now those were very tempting.

Enough of all that, I'm a woman on a mission! Here we are.

OC Vegan Green Goddess Popcorn. It's made locally and is apparently all the rage with the granola set. After trying a handful, I gotta be honest...I was not a fan. I found it wayyy too garlicky, and it was covered in this loose green dust that got everywhere--all over my hands, into my lungs if I inhaled too sharply, just...no. If I'm paying $7 for a bag of popcorn, I expect it to rock my world. This did not.

On my way out I grabbed some Almond Breeze and chia seeds because I've been dying to make my girl Abbe's chocolate chia seed pudding. (P.S. How amazing is her blog? Puts mine to shame!)

Armed with my totally vegetarian-friendly fare, I high-tailed it to Kroger to pick up the next item on my list (which, while totally delicious, doesn't exactly fall into the "health food" department).

Ladies and gentlemen, Pancho's cheese dip!
Plus a bag of my hubby's favorite tortilla chips.

I grew up with Pancho's and am well-acquainted with its thick, cheddary, mildly spicy goodness. This dip is a staple in most Memphis grocery stores (except, ya know, Whole Foods), and was required eating at every high school get-together I ever attended. Seriously, I wish y'all could've seen the look on my sweet husband's face when he opened the fridge and saw this waiting on him. He saved me exactly one Pancho's-covered tortilla chip just to, ya know, keep this whole "challenge" thing honest. But other than that yeah, he basically ate it all. Thanks, babe--love you too!

Anyway, my last stop took me to the Marathon gas station at the corner of Poplar and Ridgeway. Welcome to Lee's Fresh Sushi and Deli, y'all!

I know what you're thinking. "Um, gas station sushi exsqueeze me?" Yup, you heard me. Lee's is inside the Marathon, and it will totally alter life as you know it.

All of their sushi is made fresh on-premises, all of their sushi is delicious, and all of their sushi costs less than $10. On this particular day I went for the 12-piece California roll, which was a whopping $5.99.

Here's me enjoying it for lunch at home later that day, and taking pictures as I did so like a goober.

I'm not normally a California roll fan, but this was an amazing California roll. All of their rice has a particular softness not usually found in gas station-/grocery store-type sushi, plus the sauce has a very subtle sweetness that paired beautifully with the crab. Seriously guys, there's something special goin' on here.

Bottom Line: Would I eat it again? Popcorn decidedly no, Pancho's inevitably yes, sushi most definitely yes.

Whole Foods Market
5022 Poplar Ave
Memphis, TN 38117

Whole Foods Market on Urbanspoon

Lee's Fresh Sushi and Deli (inside Marathon)
6646 Poplar Ave
Memphis, TN 38119

Lee's Fresh Sushi and Deli on Urbanspoon


  1. I LOVE Whole Foods (and their iphone app is awesome! love the recipe finder!) but I wish it wasn't so expensive.

  2. Love it too, girl! Definitely a great spot to find fresh produce during the sometimes iffy fall/winter seasons. I agree their prices leave something to be desired, though. Thanks for commenting! :)