Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Muddy's Bake Shop

The other day after my low-PointsPlus lunch at Ryu, I set out in search of a slightly more decadent than usual afternoon snack. My car basically drove itself; I'd pretty much known where I was heading after lunch before I even got out of bed that day.

Welcome to Muddy's Bake Shop, y'all. Located in the somewhat-tricky-to-find Sanderlin Centre, it is my absolute favorite bakery in all of Memphis. Cookies, pies, cupcakes; they make them all. And they're all to die for.

I find that most of my friends fall in one of two camps re: Memphis cupcakes. They're either all about the towering, frosting-laden Gigi's, or they go for the more homespun, slightly lower frosting-to-cake ratio Muddy's. I am definitely in the latter camp.

This place is just...y'all, it's just amazing. It smells like, feels like, quite simply is the most perfect spot in all of Memphis to grab a tasty, homemade treat. And, as luck would have it, my all-time favorite Muddy's cupcake just happened to make I Love Memphis' list! (Gotta hand it to her, the girl has great taste.)

The case is always filled with a wide variety of tempting treats, but I knew exactly what I was going for. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: The Capote.

Let's start with the cake part. It's a deep, dark chocolate; sinfully moist and decadent. You will never taste a better chocolate cake, I promise you. Then there's the frosting, which tastes precisely like a buttercream version of your grandma's sweet bread icing. (You know the one: powdered sugar, a little vanilla and a splash of milk.) Put 'em together, and you have one seriously amazing white-on-black confection.

There is no "after" shot on this one, guys. There was simply nothing to photograph; I ate every crumb (like I always do). Before peacing out, I took time to peruse their cute little gift area. I always linger over the antique cake stands, cute apparel items and flavor extracts (vanilla, almond, etc). Totally cute!

Bottom Line: Would I eat there again? C'mon. Do you really need to ask?

Muddy's Bake Shop
5101 Sanderlin #114
Memphis, TN 38117

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  1. No way... The capote is my favorite cupcake too! Neopolitan comes in second (mainly because it only appears on the menu once every 6 weeks)!

  2. LOVE the Capote!! It's what I get nine times out of 10, but it sounds like I need to give the Neopolitan a whirl next time I'm there! :)