Friday, October 25, 2013

La Playita Mexicana

Last Saturday afternoon I ventured out to Bartlett to see what La Playita Mexicana was all about. The location isn't exactly five-star; it's a couple doors down from the Bibles for China thrift center.
Inside was a fiesta, though! Teach me to judge a book by its cover.
The service was very attentive and very fast. Chips and salsa were at my table before I'd even removed my coat, and my entrée was delivered four minutes after I ordered.
The chips and salsa? Fabulous. The chips were hearty with a deep corn flavor. The salsa was authentic and flavorful without being too spicy. A great appetizer.
Here it is, folks: tostada de ceviche y camaron!
Light, fresh and flavorful, this dish was a really pleasant surprise. The camaron (shrimp) was fully-cooked, while the ceviche (dubbed "Mexican suchi" [sic]) was raw but still opaque due to the good bit of lime juice throughout the dish. Plus the wedge of rich avocado to help balance the brightness... It was just good, plain and simple.
Bottom line: Would I eat there again? In a heartbeat!
Playita Mexicana
6194 Macon Rd
Memphis, TN 38134

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